NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Weekend, and other things,

This weekend we were descended on by Londoners for the Beer Festival. ali_in_london, marnameaow, shadow_jess, kitty_goth and julietk, appeared at about 2.30 on Saturday, and we then spent a few hours in the Porter, then back to al_bullit's for coffee, which I managed to spill somehow. Then there was beer fest, with a number of rather nice ciders also being on offer. During which I discovered that I know too many groups of people in Bath, and ended up flitting between about 4 groups of friends. Then twas off to entropy, via Schwartz for food.

During Entropy kitty_goth and I ended up having a somewhat deep conversation about religion, during which he posed to me one of the most fundamental questions "Why him?", to which, even now I'm sober, I still can't find a response to.

Sunday, involved lunch at the Curfew, and a Backstage training day. Oh and turning URB back on, which was boringly simple, nothing went wrong :)

Today, was as simple as most Mondays tend to be for me at the minute, 10.15 lecture, with Sarma who still talks way too fast, and a seminar on power systems, that was actually quite interesting. Tracing problems in power distribution systems, and why renewable energy isn't actually practical for the UK.

I do however, now have a final year project :
"Developing parallel programs for a parallel Beowulf system"
Which should be really interesting. And for those who keep mentioning that I'm doing an Elec Eng degree and that that should be a Computer Science project, it's being used to analyse elec-eng-type-stuff.

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