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Okay so I haven't updated in ages. Mainly because I'm only online when I'm at work. I still haven't bothered to sort out getting a landline, and thus interweb at home. Mainly because well they tend to involve 12 month contracts, and I'm not planning that far ahead yet, even if I do have a permanant work contract. I'm currently planning ooh, maybe a month ahead and committed to living where I current am for about another 2 months and then have a rolling contract which either side can break with 1 months notice.

The last 3 weeks have been kinda up and down, last weekend I went for a wander with zaniyah up to Kelston. Weekend before that I went to see my Parents and took a, err, minor detour up to Derby with them to see my Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle, and ended up meeeting MBM on the train back who I haven't seen for quite some time. Weekend before that I went to London, spent most of the Afternoon drinking with a University friend then on to a party with some friends from Sixth Form. I a couple of weeks I'm going to the Wedding of another friend from Sixth Form.

Other than that my life's kinda dull really, been to Resurection a few times, been to the pub a few times, and with increasing frequency after work.

Work continues, some crap bits, some not so crap. I would like to state here and now that Oracle really does count as well, almost an operating system in it's self, and most definately as requiring "Black Magic", most of the crap at work has been in some form or other related to Oracle, so I'm not exactly fond of it.

Oh and during a conversation I had with my housemate last night about work, he equated a number of my complaints at work with the civil service (he's a long haired civil servant who finds out how much Local Councils have messed up Social Security based payments),

As for Easter, well my parents seem to want me to reappear for a week or so, I'm not sure I really want to be there for more than just a couple of days, yes it's nice to see them, but well, there isn't exactly much for me to do in Cambridge.

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