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[update], and apologies

For the last couple of days I've had a blocked nose, and the usual flu type blergh feelings, personally I blame those Londoners I went to see at the weekend ;). Yesterday was mainly spent in the pub. Wednesdays are supposed to be spent doing project work, but since we still don't have projects allocated, it was a day off. The backstage meeting was short and as such sweet. Although I've gone and done something rather silly, I agreed to run the backstage side of battle of the bands, and other such live events in the venue, oops, should mean I get to do more front of house mixing though which'll make a nice change. After the meeting it was off to the pub, not that backstage are drunkards or anything, then we headed off to town, for a social with all these nice new freshers we've conned^W^W who signed up for backstage, skittles in the Rising Sun. Most people wandered off after a full game, 4 of us stayed and played pool, then went home for food and sleep.

Today has so far been getting better and better. Now Digital, the guys who we're doing our digital radio through, are sending a techie round on Monday to try and help figure out why the webstream is so unreliable, I've hit dead ends with it, so it'll be nice to have an extra pair of eyes. URB Roadshow's dieing kit is to be replaced, with what should be DJ-proof kit (active speakers instead of an amp that greatly out-powers the speakers.) All the random little problems that seem to keep cropping up are going away. The noise in studio 2 is pretty much gone,

I nearly fell asleep in Accounting and Finance, but then it is accounting and finance, and I haven't been sleeping too well due to the blocked nose I've had. But caffeine and chocolate came to my aid, so everything's now good.

Apologies to ewtikins with regards to the URB web stream on Tuesday, it was due to the way that realproducer kills it's self if it has no audio for more than about 20 seconds, which I'd fogotten about when I unplugged the audio for a little while, so didn't restart it. There are several other webstreams, go to http://avoriaz.bullit.net:8000/status.xsl and you can find out which ones are up, and pick one.

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