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I said I'd say what I'd been up to at the weekend, so here goes...

Friday, another boring day of lectures, including DSP2, which currently involves learning nasty stats stuff, ergh. After lectures, I wandered off in the direction of London (via train stations). Since I was going to visit DramSoc people from Imperial College, I headed for their Union building, only to arrive and discover that their power was off. Somewhere in the bowels of the Albert hall, a fuse or something had gone. DramSoc claim it wasn't them ;). So we spent about half an hour sat in the bar, waiting for the power to be restored. Once the power was back on, DramSoc members ended up running around programming lighting desks, and rewiring a few things they were doing before the power went off. The main room in which things were going on was DJ type things, surrounded by some trussing, and various intellegent lights. They'd done a few funky things with the lighting, including lighting underneath the speaker risers (steel deck), using red and purple Codas. They'd also done a certain amount of rigging on their roof lighting the quadrangle in the center of the Union building, which consisted of a pair of stagescans and some parcans, the stagescans were surprisingly effective, and even the spirograph-type-glass-gobo-thingie showed up on the far wall. About 2 hours of de-rig/strike was done (with the strike then being left half done, which just seemed wierd, along with not having to wear hard hats, and seeing a number of the crew drinking before the strike), then the bar re-opened and there was free alcohol for the tech crew (which I apparently counted as one of), bar staff, stewards, etc.

At about 5 I headed back to Kennington with Nia where I got a few hours of sleep, before being woken up by Fruitys radio coming on at 8 with radio one on full blast. A couple of hours later Nia, and Aunty Caroline (For those you you who don't know those names, they're ex-backstage members who now live in London) also got up. The rest of the morning was then spent talking. Nia and Aunty Caroline then headed off to Brixton to pick up a table for Aunty Caroline. I disappeared off to Ealing to say hello to Cliff (ex-URB member, we ended up sitting in a pub in Ealing talking about random stuff for about 7 hours, before moving on to the Nags Head for pre-slimelight drinks with ali_in_london, dizze, welikegoats, and at some point daneel_olivaw joined us. Then it was off to Slimelight, which was good. Met up with shadow_jess, uon, kitty_goth, julietk, marnameow (who appears to be un-breaking herself), and various other people, including purplekaz who I met for the first time. Unfortunately by about 2 I was begining to feel the lack of sleep, coffee was attemped, which didn't really wake me up, just started to sober me up instead. About 3 dizze wanted to head back to marnameow's so 'twas off to Bermondsey by taxi, where sbp was still awake. I think I got a couple of hours sleep on their floor, and at some point various other people returned, the Grand Prix was watched, with me occasionally waking up and wondering how it was going. By the end of the Grand Prix, I'd pretty much woken up again. marnameow was unsurprisingly excited as Schumacher won the drivers championship again, and champagne was drunk.

Eventually other people woke up, and after Buffy was watched and daneel_olivaw was attacked by a kitty-vibrator, we headed off to a pub for lunch. Where we stayed, drinking and talking, until about 7, during which time "I" apparently posted LJ entries (actually posted by Matt the Hatt's significant other who was using my desktop machine, and thought she was posting to her LJ). At which point I headed back off to Bath, where Matt the Hatt had been nice and put potatoes in the oven for me (I phoned from Paddington). I also discovered that "I" had made posts at the weekend, which had confused people no end, since I'd been falling asleep in the pub at the time. I think I finally got to sleep at about 11, and following 9 hours sleep I was feeling well rested :)

Monday, one lecture, at 10.15 and many hours spent in URB doing random things, including fixing DAs, where there is some VERY impressive leakage of signal from the main compressed station output. Which, is probably where the noise is appearing all over the place from.... Hmm Maybe I go and play....

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