NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Firefox 1.0 (Pre)

Okay, so I just upgraded firefox, 2 complaints so far... (And considering reverting back because of them)
  1. The default skin looks butt ugly, and it's refusing to let me change it. This on it's own I could probably live with...
  2. For some reason if I try to use the cursor keys to move about in a form text box, it doesn't let me, for some reason it tries to apply the cursor movement to the scroll bars attached to that text box. When editing stuff through a web-based content management system this is f*ing annoying.

If anyone happens to have encountered these and the fixes I would be most appreciative, I really do not like having to use the mouse to move about the text box.
Now to poke the bugzilla site and see if it's known faults...

Creating a new profile has solved this. What a sucky solution.

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