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It would appear that my lost phone was either nicked, or someone found it, and made 10 quids worth of calls on it in the 5 hour period before I could get it barred.

It is *possible* they just went through the address book, and tried phoning numbers on it. But I don't recognise most of the numbers that were dialled.

Does anyone recognise:
01488 ****** or 00 34 944 ******

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Okay, there ain't a chance in hell those numbers came from my phone, I wonder if the police would do anything with the list of numbers I can give them...


Hmm, Hungerford and Spain... surely one of them being a land line the police could question the people where it terminates? You'll probably find it's a phone box though, lots of illegal stuff is arranged with the aid of phone boxes and stolen mobiles.
Oh, I've got a lovely list of mobile numbers too. But TBH I'd be surprised if the police would do anything...
It's worth a try though. If you give them a piece of paper they can happily put it in a file and ignore it if they want to, thus eliminating guilt on your part, but still admitting the possibility that they could catch criminals using the information you give them. Which they could.
It's often the way, but the police have to be made to do things. Ask them, then complain if they don't.
I will phone them in the morning. Unfortunately the relevant police station is ~100 miles from my current location, and I'm guessing that they'll want the statement, although it may be possible to fax it to them...
eeeekkkk!!! definitely turn the numbers over to the police
Did that yesterday morning, along with turning the handset into a paper weight by getting he IMEI black-listedt (which I was loth to do in case it was handed in - I don't think it's reversable)

August 2010

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