NSLM (nslm) wrote,

[update] Excursions around the south.

Last weekend my sister left for Northern Ireland for a week, it had been previously decided that her room was going to be redecorated while she was away. This took up large chunks of Saturday through Wednesday.

On Monday (I think) I got an email asking me to fix a box on Bodmin, 120quid, travel costs paid, etc. An excuse to say hello to people in Bath, so I took the job. Went down to Bath on Wednesday, dragged Bath A2 people out to Hachetts and had a pleasant evening. In the process of phoning round to drag people to the pub, I phoned shevek, who was in Torquay and suggested I come say hello.

Got to Bodmin, fixed the box in about 5 minutes then waited an hour for a server in London to get rebooted. Given that Torquay was on the way back from Bodmin, and I still had most of the day available, I decided to phone shevek and go say hello. Ended up going back to the scout camp site where he was staying, missing the last train (or what I'd been told on Wednesday by the person at the station was the last train), and spending the night in a tent in Torquay with shevek and stealing clothes from him, since wearing a suit didn't quite seem sensible.

Having previously arranged to go for a walk with zaniyah, but still being in Torquay, shevek suggested dragging zaniyah down to Torquay. Having been for walks all over the place in Bath, this seemed like a really nice idea, especially given the nice weather. So I phoned zaniyah and dragged her down to Torquay where we had our walk, and then caught the train back to Bath. By the time our train finally arrived in Bath most places were shut so we got chinese from the shop near mine. I walked her back to her place, where we ended up talking with her housemates. I think I got back somewhere around 2.30/3 in the morning. Then had one of the best nights sleep I've had in ages, and caught the train back to Cambridge. When I got back we put the finishing touches to my sisters room.

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