NSLM (nslm) wrote,

The whole graduation thing....

Okay, photos can be found at http://www.bath.ac.uk/~ee0mdc/Graduation/

Oh and for those who weren't already aware I am now in Cambridge until I get job/accomodation in London sorted.

The daya was actually a lovely sunny day, trouble being that I was wearin suit, jacket, tie, gown, hood, etc, so I was sweating quite unpleasantly.

My parents appeared at about 1 in the end having been stuck in traffic on the way down from Cambridge, meaning they were an hour and a half later than they expected to be. I took then for a walk along the river and canal to the departmental reception ceremony which was in the grounds of the Holborne art museum, at the bottom of Bathwick Hill. We had a wander around the museum since entry was free for graduands + guests. Then it was off to the guild hall to reister, collect gown, hood and mortar board. After which I draed my parents to Hatchetts, since they wanted somewhere that would be quiet and cool to have a drink, and Hatchetts was unlikely to have many graduands + parents ;)

The ceremony it's self was shorter than I expected, not a bad thing. I now have the piece of paper that says I have a degree, and on the way back to Cambridge we stopped off for a nice meal somewhere near Oxford.

I am now technically an unemployed graduate statiistic, here's hoping that the contracts for my job with XLMT go through, it would make som many things so much easier....

Oh and what is it with computers that think I'm leaving them, something silly is going on with the box I left back in Bath as the house firewall.

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