NSLM (nslm) wrote,

[random update]

Right this week's been and gone at a scary rate, and large chunks of it are blurring into one amorphous blob.

  • Friday: the start of the Bath Music festival, Cliff returned to Bath for the weekend, and went to see netcraft.
  • Saturday: dealing with IT stuff in URB, then pub. Did however manage to scare/confuse Dave, that was funny, for the wrong reasons.
  • Sunday: Erm, don't actually remember anything in particular
  • Monday Evening: drinking wine at Chris' house.
  • Tuesday: Mead Trip, then drinking random wine acquired at same time as the mead. The apple wine was nice, but the white wine with bramble liqueur, tasted too liqueur like.
  • Wednesday: Fed chilli by Chris, then we went to Ed and zaniyah's. Sat, drank mead, talked about random things.
  • Thursday: Pub with Ed and Martin.
  • Tonight: drinking mead at home on my own.

Looking at that list and the wine bottles on my floor I seem to be turning into quite the little alchoholic...

Have been spending more time on Split Infinity than I have for quite some time, well probably last summer, keep forgetting to eat meals though, so I must keep an eye on that.

Not long left until my final final, then it's looking into the logistics of moving to London. Current plans seem to involve finding 2 bedroom flat, then moving stuff from Bath to London in hired van. I've got to convert student account to graduate account at some point, and it was suggested that I speak to the student money service to make sure I haven't forgotten to tidy something up finances wise.

Oh, and am also still getting on average about 4 hours decent sleep per night, which coupled with not eating properly could have unpleasant side effects.

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