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[random update]

Right this week's been and gone at a scary rate, and large chunks of it are blurring into one amorphous blob.

  • Friday: the start of the Bath Music festival, Cliff returned to Bath for the weekend, and went to see netcraft.
  • Saturday: dealing with IT stuff in URB, then pub. Did however manage to scare/confuse Dave, that was funny, for the wrong reasons.
  • Sunday: Erm, don't actually remember anything in particular
  • Monday Evening: drinking wine at Chris' house.
  • Tuesday: Mead Trip, then drinking random wine acquired at same time as the mead. The apple wine was nice, but the white wine with bramble liqueur, tasted too liqueur like.
  • Wednesday: Fed chilli by Chris, then we went to Ed and zaniyah's. Sat, drank mead, talked about random things.
  • Thursday: Pub with Ed and Martin.
  • Tonight: drinking mead at home on my own.

Looking at that list and the wine bottles on my floor I seem to be turning into quite the little alchoholic...

Have been spending more time on Split Infinity than I have for quite some time, well probably last summer, keep forgetting to eat meals though, so I must keep an eye on that.

Not long left until my final final, then it's looking into the logistics of moving to London. Current plans seem to involve finding 2 bedroom flat, then moving stuff from Bath to London in hired van. I've got to convert student account to graduate account at some point, and it was suggested that I speak to the student money service to make sure I haven't forgotten to tidy something up finances wise.

Oh, and am also still getting on average about 4 hours decent sleep per night, which coupled with not eating properly could have unpleasant side effects.


Alcholic is normal at this stage - I passed my graduateion in a blur of alcohol. (Which may explain how on earth I ended up with Matt.)

Anyway, have fun with the flat hunt, and all earthy success with your career.
Anyway, have fun with the flat hunt, and all earthy success with your career.

Thanks :) BTW did dagonet get hold of you? He was trying to arange something on the 10th in London.
If dagonet's real name is jason bingley, then yes, he has.

(The problem now is trying to recall when we met. Or if we met. And what he looks like. This is embrarssing).
Yup, that's him.

You met him when he was last down in Bath, and we ended up having a conversation about something or other....


The dodgy geeser bottom right.
Ah I remember now. It was a strange conversation....



just found this. it was indeed a ver strange conversation. par for the course in my variable ways.


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