NSLM (nslm) wrote,

The freshers are invading.......

Yesterday (or technically the day before if you're being fussy), we got the PA rigged, about 28 KW of audio power, and a sub that you can feel more than hear. Audio Forum appear to have been aquiring kit, including some brand new amps (first couple in the country), how to spot the professional techie toy, blue LEDs. MC2s are normally hideously heavy, these new ones are light enough that you can throw them in the air and catch them again. It was a little concerning that when we first powered them up they blew the RCDs, someone (either Mike or Alex from AF) had managed to swap the neutral and earth around in the plug. Oops, they're supposed to be professionals ;)

Got home somewhere around 2 in the morning and then spent about an hour talking to a mildly drunk housemate who's still contemplating moving to London. (Matt the Hatt for those of you who know him).

Today was mainly the pissy little tasks in the main venue (sports hall), before we could entertain punters. I was supposed to be doing front of house for a jazz band playing in the Claverton rooms, got the band setup and sound checked, then Jess (not Ed for those of you in Bath that remember meeting her in a pub on one occasion) comes running over from the main stage, they'd forgotten to make sure they had a monitor engineer for the opening night. Fair enough given it was basically some twirly dancers on stage and a DJ, but I'd set up the monitors on Monday, so was apparently the only one who knew how to work the damned thing. This had a distict up side, I'd get to watch the pyros go up.

Just before we do the pyro dress rehearsal, the main power trips out, and we spend 15 minutes trying to figure out WTF was tripping it, before stripping the rig to the bare essentials and opening late. No change there then ;)

The DJ turns up and decides that he wants 4 line level channels rather than 2 line and 2 phono level channels, so I end up taking apart the desk and changing jumpers around on the board. So he gets his 4 channels.

Later the CD decks are playing up so we replace them, and then the replacements start playing up, I think AF ar not going to be popular tomorrow... So I end up "borrowing" a set of CD players from URB since shevek has got his wired up in there at the minute.

The Sabbs and the stage manager, Lucy, ended up having a minor disagreement as they decided to run onto the stage without checking first. So we had a stage manager who was both pissed off and worried that she'd managed to make enemies of the Sabbs during freshers week.

As per usual these damned DJ events seem to drag on for hours, finally finishing at about 2, and getting home for 3. Not bad, and better than the freshers week in my second year at Bath, up at 8 and bed at about 4, especially given that I don't have any lectures until next week this time :)

Also got the ogg stream running this morning, an icecast server running on avoriaz, curtesy of al_bullit, which was being fed by ices, which for the past week has refused to send anything more than just silence, which, admittedly on a VBR ogg stream doesn't take too much BW, I'm now using darkice, which worked first time. Even if I did manage to send a 256K stream the first time round. Darkice is a lot easier to get running than ices was, although, the error messages could de with being a little more informative. For anyone contemplating such things, I highly recommend the combination of Icecast and Darkice, especially when you actually manage to get Icecast reading XML config files....(An old saga, which involved a number of re-compiles.)

It's now a quarter to 4 I'm going to sleep soon.

For interested parties in the Bath area, URB is going to be on the Bath & Bristol DAB multiplex tomorrow/Wednesday (I've not been to sleep yet, so it doesn't count as today yet), at 7pm until 10pm. It's the SBN channel. For some reason the guys at GWR want to run a windows box to pick up our web stream to rebroadcast on digital, I personally think they'd be better setting up another icecast server, but we'll have to see. The stream I'm listening to now is 60Kbps stereo ogg, and it sounds sooo good, eeven if it is SBN going out at the minute.

Oh and yeah, there are now thousands of freshers on campus, with the new accomodation finished, even if you have to go around a building site to get to it. I started 3 years ago! arghhhh! where did all the time go?

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