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Boomerangs... (Updated)

The Boomerang is British: Official

First the Rugby World Cup and now this

....it's not been a great year for the Aussies

This startling discovery, sure to upset Aussies everywhere, was uncovered by leading British author Terry Deary, commissioned by Boomerang Media to investigate the boomerang's history as part of the company's tenth birthday celebrations.

After months of research, Terry Deary's 'eureka moment' came on a visit to the Yorkshire Dales when he found an ancient carving of a 'quadrang-style' boomerang etched into a rock on Ilkley Moor. On consulting the district archaeologist, the carving was dated from the Bronze Age in 3,000-4,000 BC, pre-dating any of the boomerang evidence from Australia.

Not surprisingly, they are hopping mad to find one of their cultural icons claimed back by the Brits.

"First the Rugby World Cup and now this!" adds Terry. "Like everybody else, when I was commissioned, I assumed the boomerang to be from Oz. The evidence I stumbled across is literally rock-solid and I can't quite believe I've helped change history. The Brits have a proud and unrivalled reputation for invention through the ages - and this is another example that had been shrouded in the mists of time - until now."

As a random thing they appear to be running a competition: http://www.goldenboomerang.co.uk/
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