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Quick update,

Yup the reason I've gone quiet again is because I now have about 1 week left to write up my project. This however is quite do-able. My current aim is to have it written by Tuesday (deadline is Friday), which means I have all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and the rest of today.

Dia is very useful, chunks of yellow writing saying "Add diagram" in my report are rapidly turning into diagrams that actually look quite tidy. 20 pages are done, of what should be aprox. 40 pages of main report.

Hmm time for lunch.


I'm aiming for Tuesday too. I think the queues for the print unit will be rather large. The annoying thing at the moment is that I still have to change the margin sizes to something rather larger, so the number of pages of project will increase somewhat dramatically when that finally happens.

If I can finish turning all my blue bullet points into full paragraphs, I'll be really happy.
Print queues are normally enormous for most of the week, I'm probably going to print it in my department, only 30/40 people trying to use it over the week. That's way I'm hoping anyway...

Dump it as a postscript file onto my webserver, then pull it from campus and send it straight to the printer....

I've yet to bullet the actual work part, I've still got ~5/10 pages worth of "research" I want to add.
Isn't it traditional to go to the helpdesk and claim that every time you click on print in word you get an error? Then they ask for the file and print it right there and then for you...

August 2010

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