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Bloody SBN...

URB uses SBN for a sustaining signal, we also take our news and some shows from them, for which they pay us money.

A couple of hours ago I (as the URB Chief Engineer) got a phone call telling me that we didn't appear to have a news feed. This comes in via satellite, so my first thought was along the lines of "Arse! the dish has come out of alignment." Sat dishes are not fun to aim, and for the likes of Sky's Astra network it's rediculously sensitive in the vertical alignment. So, I end up telling the people on the other end of the phone how to check a few things, and yup we're getting no signal to the sat decoder. Ten minutes later I get a phone call SBN had rung, they had changed the bloody frequency and polarization without warning us. I just recieved an email...

SBN Satellite Feed
You should already be aware either through a phone call or email of the reasons why you have been experiencing problems with the satellite feed, this is due to the completition of servicing work on the SBN Satellite, the frequency on which SBN can be found has been altered.

Thanks for the warning chaps :)

*beats head against wall*


Dude, if i were you i would be checking my service agreement with the feed company.


Its a SATELLITE!!! they have to deal with a fridge sized object full of computers floating tens of thousands of kilometers away in space, you think you have problems...
I'm technically a comms engineer, I know full well about their problems. I also know that they have kit to deal with this. We don't have this kit.


Technically you aren't an anything engineer yet, you are an undergraduate. You can't claim to be an engineer till a) you graduate and join the relevant professional body or b) you get a full time job with the term "engineer" in the title. Only then can you wear the sacred pocket protector and carry the holy graphics calculator.

August 2010

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