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At Last

Well I'm beginning to get some where: we now have broadband, and the jobs I've been trying to get done are slowly beginning to get somewhere, unfortunately one of the servers in URB keeps crashing. I'm going to have to figure out WTF is going on, since that computer is our main file server.

This weekend should be interesting, the rig for freshers week. Large quantities of self-climbing ground support truss, a load of intelligent lights, and a suitably large PA for use in the uni sports hall. And the best bit is that we shouldn't have to pull the silly hours we used to, since we've managed to turn around to the union and say that doing so is unsafe (well it is!) So we now get 4 days to rig what could probably be rigged in 24 hours.

I think I may have to acquire a few more computers for URB so I can have the web streams on totally separate machines. And Homer (the file store) as purely a file store.

Oh, while I'm at it, my sleep patterns are screwed again. Bah!



I miss Freshers Week.

Freshers week

There's no reason you couldn't come and say hello. Well except that work thing maybe.

Re: Freshers week

Yeah, and after over a year of not doing any crewing, I've probably forgotten an awful lot by now.

Oh, and that work thing (currently subtitled "looking for").

Re: Freshers week

I mentioned you to two of this years committee, (we were on the subject to ex-BTS bods returning) and the response was along the lines of, we provide training, probably accomodation, and probably food ! And hey, It's a method for you to inflict "lightboxes/chocolate/blankies/kittens/b33r/stuff" on Bath A2 people ;)

Re: Freshers week

Hmmmm, very tempting, but for the fact that I really should be looking for a job. Besides, not going back to Bath will give me more incentive to get off my arse and find places in London where I can do backstagey stuff.
Yup, it's been a while since I tried to use HTML, I forget it'd be relative. Ooops.

Thank-you :)

Wot no 24 hour rigs?

Whatever happened to you pansy Backstagers? There is a perverse sort of pleasure in a 24 hour rig 8 hour performance and 10 hour de-rig all done with no sleep (or at least trying to sleep at the top of one of the (now condemned) towers). I didn't drink coffee at the time, how the fuck did i ever stay alive?

Re: Wot no 24 hour rigs?

The de-rig is still an all nighter, but the decission was made that long rigs were dangerous

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