NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Project update + other stuff

Well I seem to be getting somewhere at least. I've taken chunks of my first semester report, rewritten a load of it, and pasted it back into some semblance of a report. I've got about 5 pages of what in theory is about 40 pages worth of report (excluding title pages, bibliographies, appendicies, and other such fluff which in theory bulks it out to ~60-100 pages). I must dig out the relevant course bumpf that says quite what they're expecting in this report too.

I've rewritten chunks of code, yet again, it is however now a f*ck load easier to read, follow, and generally figure out WTF is going on. Note to self, parallel programming is a pain in the arse, avoid if possible. If you must do it, split it into seperate files to start with.

The silliest thing is that I appear to have code that runs multi-threaded on multiple machines, possibly over kill but hey ho. The multi-threading unsurprisingly seems to work far better than the multi-machine-ing, but both do bring improvements to an extent, so I'll stick to what I've got. I can probably prove why the tasks I'm playing with don't scale brilliantly, in an engineering sense anyway.

Oh, and on Monday I get to find out the last remaining dates for my course, ie exams et al. I must admit I'm at the stage of just wanting to get this all over and done with.

Ordered Robes et al for graduation today as well (£35 for the day which was less than I feared)

I already know that I need to be in Bath on the 25th of June for possible Viva and results, on the 13th of July for the actual graduation ceremony (17.30 start, yay, my parents having to get back to Cambridge afterwards for work on Tuesday morning, although Mum reckons she could possibly get Tuesday off, and given that they're currently trying to convince Dad not to find work else where he might be able to as well...)

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