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Date created: 2003-08-02 16:31:32
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Well I suppose that would make this the 150th post I've made, over a period of nearly 9 months.

A handful of friends only posts, and loads of memes.

It started with a pleasant day spent in Cambridge with a combination of A2 people I knew, and a load of Cambridge people I didn't know at the time. I think I count most of those people I didn't know as fairly good friends now, and I'd probably trust them a lot more than many of the people I know in Bath.

It's weird the way that the last (nearly) 9 months has past, with what has, to be honest, been very little worthy of any real note. I'm now nearing the end of my degree, and with it 17 years of formal education. I'm looking at my first proper job, and generally moving into the real&tm; world. Apart from the last month or so, far too much of my time has been spent on auto pilot, assimilating information along the way, while attempting to not fall asleep in lectures.

The last two months (and month in particular) has seen someone I knew vaguely (ie zaniyah), turn into someone I know really well, and have spent time enjoying life, and much of the countryside around Bath, with. Oh, and cackling at the number of people who automatically assume that because two people of the opposite sex are spending time together, something is obviously going on between them, as attested to by the conversations in the pub.

My final year project, in theory, started about 6 months ago. But to be honest started way too late, for various reasons, including the way that I was running on autopilot and not noticing how fast time was going by. Unfortunately, I think my project report is mainly going to consist of "This is not going to work particularly well because...". I've gained a fair bit from doing my project, including a knowledge of pthreads and MPI. I feel that, to be honest, my degree is going to be next to worthless when I actually leave university, and the people who've been offering work in my direction have been doing so based on the stuff I've been doing with URB and Backstage.

I was recently asked "Are you happy with you?", on the whole, yes, I'm happy with me, although I really don't like the way that I've spent so much of my life just running on autopilot. I also don't know how I'd change my life if I could though. I suppose to an extent my life feels as though it's missing something, a purpose perhaps. My life has it's occasional highlights, mainly when there are other people involved, but so much of the time it's just same old, same old.

Meh, this is starting to get somewhat melancholy, so I think it's time to stick on some random bouncy music, and poke my project before I head off up to campus.

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