NSLM (nslm) wrote,

More Meme time wastage...

Shadow. You are an angels made from shadows. You
wings are powerful beyong mortal understanding.
You love to hide in shadows, and are a natural
at night. You enjoy showing mortals whose in
control, and won't hesitate ti hurt someone if
they really start to bug you. You are old, and
will continue to live for many years more.
Longer than any given person. You are agile,
quick witted and sharp. You enjoy putting
people down, and can communiv=cate with the
nights soul, as you do the shadows.

You are an angel that has been cast out of heaven,
and thrown to the earth. Almost being killed in
the process. But what doesn't kill you makes
you stronger, right? And the same rule applies
to you. When you suffer, it only makes you more
vicious, and powerful. You are an impressive
beinf. One never to be trifled with. You hate
all normal angels for this. You drink their
blood, to get back at the heavens that rejected

Congrats, you are very smooth.

What Type Of Angel Have You Become?
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