NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Non-Project update

Friday: welikegoats reappeared in Bath, but I ended up spending the evening, and the vast majority of the night, with zaniyah, eating talking and watching random movies.

Saturday was a quiet night in playing code monkey.

Easter Sunday: Matt cooked a fry up: bacon, egg, sausages, and sautee potatoes. We then ended up cleaning the kitchen. Well, Matt did the washing up and I cleaned the oven (elmyra and erindellr it's now white again!) I then spoke to my parents and sister and spent a few hours coding, at the end of which I was feeling like I was beating my head against a brick wall with bugs that didn't want to show themselves. They did begin to unravel just before I gave up (Valgrind ROCKS !), but I was getting annoyed with it and decided to stop. I then met up with zaniyah again and we went for another walk. Only a short one this time, over to Victoria park, then randomly around town. After which we watched T3; ate chicken pie; watched Event Horizon and Morons from Outerspace; decided we were hungry and ate pasta (pasta + tomato + garlic + lots of green herbs) which worked really well; and played on Matts N64 until about 5.30 in the morning.

About 5.30 we decided to go and watch the sunrise from up on the top of the hill out zaniyah's way, unfortunately it was too cloudy so it only became light rather than a pretty sunrise or anything. We then headed back to zaniyah's place, and had scotch pancakes for Breakfast (about 8am by this point), and then got some random project work done. At about 10.30 the fresh bread had cooked, and we had a second (or is it third?) breakfast of fresh bread and butter. Again got more project work done, both of us actually getting somewhere! Then decided to go to town in honour of the pleasant weather, and, to try and find some Lady Grey loose tea.

It would appear that the only people who sell "Lady Grey" is Twinings, who, unlike Whitards, don't have a shop in Bath. We then wandered around Bath, went via the sweet shop aquiring, rubarb and custard, sherbert lemons and toffee, then headed home.

zaniyah Appears to have got me addicted to Lady Gray tea, oops.

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