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Been speaking to justinep on Anarres, about laptops without windows. And discovered this:


To: Toshiba America Information Systems (TAIS), Inc.

For years, TAIS has been tying the sale of Microsoft's software
products into the sale of it's computer systems. According to the
language contained in Microsoft's End User License Agreements (EULA),
customers who do not agree to the terms and who do not install or copy
the software, are instructed to return it to the place of purchase for
a full refund. Currently, TAIS does not honor these requests even though
the language of the EULA is clear and precise.

We, the undersigned, call upon TAIS to implement a company-wide
policy which allows customers to collect a refund when they meet
the qualifications of the Windows EULA. Additionally, we would like
to have the option to buy computers with no preinstalled operating
system. Furthermore, we request disclosure of the amount TAIS charges
it's customers for each copy of Microsoft's software. This will allow
customers to better determine whether or not a refund is desirable.


The Undersigned

I don't think I'll be buying a Toshiba again. I don't run MS Windows, and I don't want to, when I bought my laptop a year ago I was expecting to be able to get some money back since I didn't want XP. I then ended up hitting my head against brick walls with MS and Toshiba, now I find out why. I wonder if this means Toshiba are breaking contracts with MS...
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