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Ok, I've been quite for a while, so it's now time to procrastinate and update again...

Final year project... well, it's working, sort of. It's supposed to be parallel processing on beowulf clusters, but my current problem is reducing the inter-process communication, this is a whore. But it's beginning to get somewhere. This is a good start, I have about 4 weeks left to get the coding, etc, done, and now I've got started I'm going at a decent rate... when I stop procrastinating...

I've ended up roped into helping out an amateur dramatics production of King John at the Rondo theatre in Bath. It's concerning that I was the most proficient there with the lighting desk, it's a strand 520, I've not used one before yesterday, I've used one of it's 15 year old predecessors, but I'm a sound engineer not a lighting op. Obviously I picked up a little more through Backstage than I realised.

Oh, and I spoke to Phil from xlmt, it would appear that my first proper job might not require looking for, so far I have little in the way of details, he's going to phone me back some time in the next couple of weeks, apparently he wanted to speak to me in person last Wednesday, but got too delayed courtesy of a traffic jam on the M5. Ho hum

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