NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Weekend in London

That was a pleasant weekend, on Saturday shevek and I headed to London for sbp's birthday party. We left Bath somewhere around midday in the end, I think. Most of the day was spent wandering around random parts of London visiting computer fairs and looking at expensive toys in Turnkey. About 6 o'clock shevek headed to north London to meet ewtikins, and I headed to Bermondsey.

sbp's party was a nice quiet affair, in an unusually tidy flat. Due to waking around half 6 in the morning most days I started falling asleep at about 1 or 2 in the morning. I was then shepherded off by daneel_olivaw to ali_in_london and daneel_olivaw's flat for sleep.

Sunday morning I was fed coffee and toast, then when other people woke up we headed off to the George for lunch. After sitting around in the pub for quite a few hours and watching an episode of B5 back in Bermondsey I met up with shevek at London Bridge, and was introduced to a nice vegitarian chinese restaurant. Eventually getting home at about midnight.

Many thanks to sbp, marnameow, ali_in_london and daneel_olivaw for hosiptality and crash space. It was nice to see London people again, I shall have to appear more often....

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