NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Finland and weekend

Well I've not written in this for a while, and I still haven't said what I did in Finland. So here goes...

2 weeks in a rather damp climate with the temperature dropping. Mosquitos, hundreds of the things. A language that has only 1 vaguely close relative in Europe, Hugarian. And generally being in the back of beyond in a country whose total population is less than that of London. Fire for heating, and a sauna in the bathroom (I'm not kidding). The village/town near where we were staying was called Kirijarvi. The countryside was actually really nice, although just a little too quiet, not even much in the way of birdsong or any thing like that. As much as that sounds like and "Oh my God why the hell am I here" type holiday, it actually wasn't that bad, lots of books, and playing cards. And being almost uncontactable.

It actually turned out that it was a good thing I took my mobile along to pick up text messages once a day, since do to a lazy housemate I needed to try and get forms signed while I was over there. Got that done, eventaully.

Last week, I spent re-installing the firewall, I was getting pissed off with trying to update deadRat. Then coding various things for A2 and URB. I must admit, it is strange to see the way my coding has changed from a few long functions, to hundreds of little ones. I also ended up submitting a patch to gentoo for avifile, and was surprised to see it part of the system within a couple of hours. Admittedly it was a fairly minor issue, just define a variable at the start of a function instead of part way through, gcc no longer seems to like this.

The weekend.
Well, after being stuck in Cambridge with pretty much nothing social to do it was of cause marnameow's birthday party this weekend. I ended up being double booked AGAIN for treboR's (a friend from sixth form) party, last time I was in Croyden, this time Bermondsey. However, I got to see the stoop since they decided to go down early and spend the day in London. Wandered around between Barbrican and Old Street station finding food, then went off to Totenham Court Road followed by Camdon. We then decided to go and see this guy who's supposed to be spening 48 days in a glass box above the Thames. He was lying down in his box, which was suspended all of 20 foot off the ground, and not even over the Thames. Admittedly we could hardly expect to have seen more I suppose.

Then of course it was off to chez Marna. There was pinyata, sweeties, pass the parcel, sweeties, alchohol, and general socialising. I'm not even going to try and list the pople there, since I'll no doubt leave lots of people off, especially those I met for the first time. At about half 4 it was off to the park to play on the swings and watch the sunrise with jess, Kitty, Juliet, Pete, Mouseboks, EJ, Sims, Marna, and others. We ended up going back to julietk and Petes house, since by this point most of the people back at chez Marna were now sleeping. By which point many people end up breaking in various ways, and then crashing. I'd still say it was a good time though.

Met back up with Kitson and co, heading back to Cambridge, and feeling very sleepy on the train. Got home, and ended up falling asleep curled, proped up in a corner of my bed while working on laptop. Maybe I'll get backing into a sensible sleeping pattern again soon, I'm getting fed up of waking up on Finnish time, only 2 hours ahead, but that's enough.

How hum, back to normal quiet service again for a while.

Oh yeah, heard from Julia again, still hurts, although not as much as it did. I don't think I'll carry on with fencing next year, the idea of the combination of Reg/Dave, who probably still wants to kill me (he fancied Julia, and didn't take it well when Julia and I became a couple) and Julia in one place just doesn't appeal to me.

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