May 21st, 2007



Saturday we continued on our slow potter on the way to Reading, leaving Semington and stopping for the week in Devizes.

Collapse ) As always Caen hill flight is hard work, especially with just the 3 of us and 2 boats, and on Sunday morning, boy did I ache.

The bus service from Devizes to Bath sucks, through most of the day, the service is hourly, however, first thing in the morning there is a 7.20 bus which gets me to campus about 8.50, then the next bus leaves Devizes about 9.00. I'm also currently moored Collapse )
With any luck however, zaniyah will have been able to get me onto the visitor mooring at Devizes marina. She and Ed are painting Dilly this week, so are in wet dock and don't need the mooring. We went to speak to them yesterday and they didn't have the booking diary so couldn't say for sure if I could have the mooring for the week.

Just had a very good set of games of badminton. Four of us rotating partners, playing against Darrel was as always hard work, but for once not impossible work. However, I now just want to flop on the floor, when I have 3 hours of work ahead, and an unpleasantly long bus journey home, on the plus side, I started reading a good book yesterday, The Time Traveler's wife and hopefully shouldn't finish it too quickly, even if I'm over half way already.