February 19th, 2007


Gurgle gurgle

On Saturday I finally had chance to get the new stove going properly, so much so that I ended up having to open the centre doors because it was getting a little too warm at one point.

Part way through the evening I heard the classic gurgling noise, the pipework close to my stove suddenly dropped in temperature, the hot water started warming up as did my radiators.  The air lock had finally cleared!

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Trying to compile some Maths libraries I got the following error...
UMFPACK V5.0.2 (Dec 2, 2006): ERROR: Unrecognized error code: -17

So, I started poking through the code, and near the meaning of the error message (Some form of FileIO error) I found the following gem,

#define UMFPACK_ERROR_internal_error (-911) /* yes, call me if you get this! */