February 7th, 2007


Long weekend

Yay for a long weekend. Just took 3 days off work to have a 5 day holiday cruising along the Kennet and Avon.

Friday was a little murky.

Saturday was a cold start but a lovely afternoon, Sunday was a little colder. Both Sunday and Saturday were lovely clear days.

Photos available online

Monday and Tuesday were mostly spent in the Boatyard in Hilperton getting a nice solid fuel stove fitted (photos), replacing the diesel stove that gave me the creeps when I ran it.

So, the UK temperature has now started to drop, sufficiently so that my ropes started to freeze behaving a little like pipe cleaners (photo of the frozen rope trick, sorry about the blur my hands were a little shaky in the cold, and yes the rope is self supporting and curling up into the air)  and just in time I now have have a lovely new stove :).

Now to learn how to keep coal fires burning through the night...

And to close, a lovely Sunset from the weekend

Sunset near Sells Green