August 20th, 2006


Proper update/not a rant

Currently in the process of getting somewhere new to live, more details once things hit the final stages... I have a completion date of 17th September assuming the survey on the 4th goes okay.

I've not really been up to much, as previously mentioned I went to holiday with my parents to Madeira. Photos are now available

I injured my knee about a month ago so haven't even been up to much sport, and getting back into the habit of cycling to work is a real killer when it involves getting up to the university. The worst of the injury seems to have gone away. I'll probably start doing aikido again soon, and then fencing if I have no problems with aikido for a few weeks.

This weekend daneel_olivaw and ali_in_london arranged a party, 'twas good to see them again, and meet a few new faces. They did however produce a dangerously drinkable punch... Today we went to the pub for a late lunch with those who were still about, I was surprised that daneel_olivaw's round cost under £10 for 5 people. Even in Bath that would be unusual, let alone London.

Next weekend I'm going to watch the Rugby League Challenge Cup with my Father which should be good, it was supposed to be in the new Wembley stadium, but that's of course still not finished, so it's at Twickenham instead.