October 10th, 2005


A quick summary of NSLM's week off.

Am now back from helping zaniyah move her narrow boat to Bath, we got as far as Oxford on Sunday, and Ed has now joined her for the remainder of the trip back. ETA in Bath, next weekend.

Only put my foot accidentally in the cannal once, trust me to put my foot into the gap in the bank... Didn't fall in completely though

Lots of locks. Heh, and even more to come for them Devises - Cairn hill flight.

I spent many hours inside their water tank (no water in it at the minute) You've heard of painting yourself into a corner, well I took that one step futher, and painted the entire "room" I was in. Half of it dangling from a small hole in the top. I did however get a bottle of whiskey for my troubles. Note: Bilge paint in an enclosed space leads to lots of fumes, and metal primer leads to even more.

Will probably update with more details this evening.