May 10th, 2005


Update, Oracle, holiday, future adventure and Gentoo.

Well as various people could testify I am now back from Cambridge. I feel much better for having had a week off, even if zaniyah did end up throwing random Perl in my direction.

Sounds like I'm heading to Edinborough for a couple of days in the middle of June to do an install, oh the joys.

It's a little odd when I think I've not exactly had the most productive of days and a colleague then comments as to how productive (positively) I've been. I seem to have spent much of the last 2 days playing with Oracle again, not as bad as before though, I suspect I'm just learning how to deal with the random crap Oracle tries to throw at me.

I do like the replacement for devfs though. Did a fresh Gentoo install (2.6 kernel) and the problems I had were actually because out of habbit I turned devfs on when I shouldn't have which had some odd side effects when trying to boot from raid.