October 29th, 2004



Yet another patch for Exim SPF/SRS support (http://www.nslm.org/Projects/SPF/patches/exim-4.43-nslm-4.patch), minor update for 4.43 as opposed to 4.34, and the SPF stuff can now be controlled with ACLs, the SPF ACL is now able to cope with colon seperated lists of values.

In other news, as I was testing stuff (and expecting a "none" result) I discovered that NTL have finally published an SPF record. Interestingly according to their record you have to go via their servers for it to be legitimate mail. It seems to be getting to the stage where most of the records I try to query actually exist than don't, including some of the major universities and many of the major ISPs that I actually respect. Also worthy of note is that most people don't seem to publish Microsoft's SenderID (v=spf2) records :)

At some point I should look into getting these patches into the main stream Exim distribution, but given that Shevek is prone to changing the APIs I'm using I think I'll wait a while. It'll probably help if SPF and SRS become a feature people frequently want...

I'm now the top hit on google for "Exim SPF SRS", and appear to have a couple of people per day downloading my code. The concept of my code being used in real live servers is kinda neat!

I'll probably go back to poking VFS code for a while again now, file system virtualisations are a complete head-fuck!