October 18th, 2004



Hmm, finally got around to cancelling my freeserve account (Okay it was technically a Wanadoo account since they got bought out). While they were confirming who I was I was asked for my full password, it was apparently already displayed on the screen in front of the guy on the end of the phone.

I don't think I'll be signing back up with Wanadoo again in a hurry, what a bunch of cretins.

Also sorted out the water/sewerage from the last house, finally cancelling the direct debit that was still going out, a cheque should be in the post refunding the 2 months worth that we haven't been there for, had some fun since I couldn't think of Mead's real name until they gave me the first letter of his surname, but otherwise Wessex Water were actually very helpful, including a minor bodge so that I got the refund for the bill I'd been paying, not Mead. Fortunately since the Direct Debit was in my name they could tell that I wasn't just trying to fiddle the system, and that it was actually me that'd been paying the bill.