June 2nd, 2004



Oh joy of joys, exam number 1 of my last set begins in about 1 hour.

1 week and 3 hours time, and that'll be the last of my exams at Bath uni done and dusted.

Ah, and the lack of sleep has returned, given that I've been waking up long before sunrise, I can now safely say that the sun isn't the current issue. Best guess something's playing on my mind again, probably exams. Wheee. At least that should be over in a weeks time.

Digital Comms,

Exam 1 over and done with, didn't go fantastically, but didn't go badly either. I would be very surprised if at the very least I didn't pass. Question 1 was almost a driect rip off from one of the questions I did yesterday.

Anoyingly I couldn't remember which was which out of the Tau-Dither and Delay Lock Loop methods of DSSS decoding, but that shouldn't matter too much. I also ended up with 1 half finished state diagram due to time constraints, but that's life.