May 15th, 2004


Cest fine.

Well handed project in yesterday having woken up at 5 *AGAIN* I did however manage to get back to sleep, for which I was very greatful, at the minute I seem to be operating on about 4 hours sleep a night on average, so the 8 hours I got just about made up for the missed sleep on Wednesday/Thursday. Only another 4 hours again last night, not getting to sleep until about half 3 in the end, and then waking up at about five and then again at 7.

The reason for the late night last night was due to crewing the Blues awards evening in the Assembly rooms. Given that so many little things kept going wrong the night its self acutally went fairly smoothly.

Spam !

Okay, so spammers are starting to have to find ways to confuse spam filters...

Well, they managed to slip a handful through my spam assassin filters,,,, Most of them have actually had some vaguely interesting stuff tagged onto the bottom.... The rest were literally just random characters

If they're going to keep this up I might have to bother reading some of my spam.... For comedy value if nothing else.

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