May 13th, 2004


*bounce, bounce*

Following a somewhat producive day my project appears to have grown to a reasonable size. I still seem to be getting work done at a reasonable rate, although the break for heading home and eating was a little longer than expected. But I seem to have been getting work done in the last hour or so again.

I did manage to find something more annoying than neighbours banging on the wall with a hammer at 7 in the morning... Workmen digging up the road at 8 in the morning, pneumatic drills and circular saws, wheee :|

I intend on finishing this damned thing before I go to bed. This may make my 9.15 lecture tomorrow "interesting", and the 10.15 will probably be worse, but oh well. CAFFEINE!!!!!


Well, final year project is now written, my printer appears to have run out of ink so I'll have to print it off in the department later. It's one hell of a weight off my mind.

I can't go to sleep since I have to be out of the house in about half an hour for a lecture, oh well, at least it's all done. I actually finished it about an hour ago and have been pottering about for a while. 'twas too murkey to see the sun rise. It just got lighter.

Everthing is rapidly drawing to a close. Project viva is in just over a week, finals are 3&4 weeks away, and then that's everything in Bath just about done and dusted. Job appears to be going ahead, 17 years of formal education are nearly over with another poor sap about to join the London rat race.

About 3 months ago I couldn't wait to leave Bath, I've been here for nearly 4 years and have both good memories and bad memories. Very little really stands out from my time here though. The summer at the start of my 2nd year, the start of my first year, and parts of the last few months. I suppose it's almost ironic that possibly the best friend I've made in the last four years is a friendship that's developed in the last 3 months, after my plans are set in motion for leaving. But we'll probably still talk online, it's not as if I'm leaving the country.... yet.

I'll probably miss this place more than I thought I would, as much for the friends I've made in the last 2 years as for anything else. I sure as hell won't miss the Union, it's just one big farce, and I doubt I'll miss the University it's self

I will probably now be plagued by the various little tasks I need/want to get done so that the clubs and socs I've been involved with aren't left in the lurch. I've got a content management system I want to finish off, and I need to figure out WTF is going on with one of the machines in URB, I need to make sure that *someone* (probably the uni computing services at this rate) knows what's going on with the various things I've played with in URB. I think Tom is aware of the hardware type stuff now but I bet there's something I've not told him that I should've.

[update] The printer appear to have noticed my bitching and is now printing, cool.
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