April 22nd, 2004



Having just tidied part of my desk and gone through the random change that's been sat in a pile for a while I appear to have aquired 2 somewhat worthless coins, 10 (Russian) Kopeeks, and 1 (US) Cent. What amused be is that the combination of the two probably isn't worth a single penny.

Simple things, simple minds, and all that. :)

Meme question

Many years ago (5 I think) I encountered the origin of the word "meme". Given that I can and haven't played with polls before, who here actually knows where the word came from?

Poll #282924 Origin of the word "meme

Okay, I do too many memes, but, just who came up with the term in the first place?

In what book?

As a follow up to the idea of what?

Ticky boxes

Okay, I don't have a clue so tell me already
Ticky box !!!
Just go and do your damned project