February 7th, 2004



Thursday being my birthday I wasn't exactly sober. Although it was a very pleasant evening in the Hobgoblin.

Friday I woke up later than normal, given the amount I drunk this was not surprising. I spent the morning watching "Last Orders" and "Don't tell mom, the babysitter's dead". For the first time in weeks, I didn't go swimming. I then poked around with some of URB's computers remotely, until I got a phone call telling me that dagonet was on campus. Having not seen him for over two years this was sufficent to call me up to campus. Then the drinking began, again. We moved down to the Saracen's Head, where we ended up starting on the Baileys. We then decamped for food to Schwartz, and decided to get wine and go back to mine, since the music in the pubs was getting to loud.

We (Matt, erindellr, Chris, dagonet and myself) then ended up sitting and talking about all sorts of things. Matt and erindellr decided to go to bed somewhere about midnight/1am, and the rest of us eneded up playing Risk until about 3 in the morning.

By the way - does anybody recognise the username "Dagonet", we've got a vague feeling that we've encountered each other on LJ without realising who each other were....