November 24th, 2003



It's only 8 o'clock why the heck do I feel so tired?

Partway through last week I got sufficently annoyed with RedHat that I decided to trash my Windows partition and install gentoo. This machine is our household firewall (not the best of ideas I'm aware, but the simplest) so limited downtime was the aim. On Saturday, after going to the SRA awards evening on Friday, (free beer !), I got back and gentoo had finished compiling. So I rebooted. Only to discover that grub had been FUBAR-ed, once I re-initialised grub, it booted nicly after this :).

I ended up trashing most of my IPTables firewall, and then creating both an "internal services" chain and a "global services" chain. This makes life surprisingly easier. Although I don't like the way that getting "iptables -L" to display device based rules doesn't seem to happen.

I now have Apache2, with vhosts, mysql, IMAPS (courier imap), and various other fun toys configured and up and running. They even only talk to the devices I want them to talk to :)

I've spent much of today tinkering with the Backstage website ( So far I only have the "static" pages in the db, but being displayed, next bit of fun to play with... The members section, and a page for editing the static pages are my next tasks.