November 9th, 2003


Booom, take 2

Yesterday was mainly spent stood in the middle of fields wiring up fireworks again, it's fecking cold if you stand out there for too long...

First place we fired had a bonfire afterwards which made the cleanup that much warmer and less dark. The second place Bowood Golfcourse didn't, but it was mainly mortars so it was nice and quick to tidy. Andy Bartlett has some amusing pictures of me weilding a somewhat oversized rubber mallet, which does admittedly make the staking so much easier to do.

We ended up getting back to Bath at gone 1 since Rich Allen told us to turn right onto the A4 which took us out towards Swindon rather than back to Bath...

For some reason my sleep patterns appear to be completly screwed at the minute, which is anoying since it leaves me feeling tired by 3 in the afternoon, and waking up at numerous unpleasantly early hours.