November 2nd, 2003



RAG Fireworks. Lots of cool pyrotechnical toys to play with, pidgeons, mortars, fountains, waterfalls, catherine wheels, and the like. And the rain even held off until the last of the shit was back in the van !

The sight of a tripod with floodlights on coming crashing back to the ground, in the toppling manner, (fortunatly still in daylight so no punters around) was somewhat spectacular. Slow motion and everything.

The street lights were also out, the ones literally along the line outside the sulis club, and none of the others, so we ended up rigging yet more floodlights on bits of wood to street lights, using the wrong kind of ladder was somewhat silly. About half of them were held up purely by the magic of cable ties, but that wasn't my call I just helped rig the blasted things.

Oh and the PA tripped out about 2 minutes before the fireworks were supposed to start, but oh well, it went ok once it was put back in, the bass turned down and the subs turned off.

Doing the sound for a jazz band tomorrow, should be good.