October 25th, 2003


Rag Ball, and fireworks

Ok, Friday was good, it went really well. The band were somewhat arsy, but that's nothing new. The get out went remarkably well. We were mostly done withing an hour for the end of the gig. About 45 minutes later we rolled for campus (the Webbington hotel is about an hour away). I got to be somewhere about half 5 this morning. And was then awake and up, and out by 9.

Today I did the theory side of a course on fireworks (planning, and execution of events), tomorrow I get to blow some stuff up.

This evening is the URB 30th birthday bash, so I have no idea what time I'll get to sleep, nor how much alcohol I'll be consuming. This could be interesting since I'm being picked up at 9.30 tomorrow for the second part of the fireworks course.

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