October 9th, 2003


First lectures of the year. and a minor rant.

Bah Lectures, I've only had a few, the 9:15 was basically canceled, we turned up he said basically nothing for 15 minutes, and we went away again. The "Accounting and Finance" lecture while 2 hours long, wasn't too bad, it looks like I might already be able to do quite large chunks of this course already, which is a good thing.

I'm heading London-wards this weekend, not going to B-Movie, since I'm going to Imperial to say hello to some of their student techie-types, but it sounds like I'm probably going to Slimelight, which should be an experience... A definite excuse NOT to be in Bath for the "Media Group Training weekend" which I'd be doing naf-all for, but they'd still want me their for.

In other, somewhat mundane, news, some git swiped URBs soldering iron, so I had to go and get a new one, but at least I can get some of the boring URB-chief-engineer type things done now. It appears that their speakers are f*cked though. Which probably blew out their amp. hmm, I think I'll be pulling them apart in the not too distant future.
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