October 7th, 2003


Evil alcohol pixies.....

First lecture of the semester yesterday after 12 hours of sleep, I don't think I've had thaty much sleep for some time. And with a Sarma lecture, I'm surprised I didn't end up getting another hour or so. The room, supposed to hold about 30 people, had about 40 in so, I think people hadn't cottoned on to the fact that that one was an optional module for most of them. (Especially given only 25 or so turned up to the 9.15 lecture for the same course).

Last night I ended up visiting the Slug and Lettuce ( nice cider :), the Assembly ( more cider, baileys, and "sex on the beach" in test-tubes appeared at some point), followed by Po-na-na, who're trying to rival caddies, the standard Monday student night around here, so cheap vodka.

While in the Assembly I noticed I didn't have my keys, ( fortunatly they turned up in the Backstage office ) Unsurrprisingly Mead was still away so I didn't actually have any problems getting in when I got home.

I think I was still slightly drunk when I walked into my lecture this morning....