October 3rd, 2003



Did front of house today, for the "Red Hot Silly Feckers", and I didn't fuck up, it actually sounded good, which, considering how long it is since I got to do FoH for a band isn't bad.

The second ogg stream was stable enough for URB to stay on digital between 11.40 am and midnight, I'm just waiting for telewest to notice the permanent bandwidth being consumed by this... And it looks like some twat noticed the open port and tried to setup thier own source... They failed though AFAICT.

No word back from BUCS yet about opening ports/setting up a server on their machines. This whole planning for when I leave uni and URB is most strange. Currently the biggest issue is what's going to happen about some of the custom software I've written for URB, since BUCS are unlikely to provide support for such things, and the commercial equivalent costs about £2000 a year for the licence...

But I got to play with the bug Audient sound desk, so I'm happy. Even if I have to try and be up and out for 8.20 tomorrow...

One thing I was surprised by WRT digital radio, is that their compression appears to be fairly compatable with Ogg Voribis', since the quality of a 96Kb/s ogg stream, re-encoded onto a 64Kb/s DAB stream sounds quite good.
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Yay! An evening where I'm not being expected to do anything.

Given that we're derigging tomorrow night, I think an early night is on the cards.

URB is on digital 7pm - 10pm every day ! (Swindon mulitplex) I think I should set up a seperate machine for the digital stream though, I started a compile on Homer and killed the streamer.... (Which had a priority of 19 so that shouldn't have happened.) It'll probably be an mp3 stream since winamp does silly things with ogg streams, and GWRs tech staff aren't allowed to run linux (It's apparently "not supportable").