September 12th, 2003



NTL are being crap again, the latency on their DNS was hideous, ok, I can deal with that one, just query some non-ntl servers...
But then there was the strange one. Everytime I tried to send much in the way of POST data to a website I'd get "Connection Reset by peer". I try pointing my browser at the ntl proxies directly, that works... hmm, WTF have I ballsed up, it was working earlier... I then tried disabling the transparent proxying I've got setup... "Document contains no data".... Hmm, WTF. Okay, I know that if the request is sent directly to the proxies it works, so set squid to "always direct", and hey presto it works.

Oh and for some reason CambCounty are blocking email from the ntl network. They've made it onto various black lists. NTL have made the oh so sensible decision that no longer works, so they don't even get told they're on the blacklists.

On the plus side, I've got spamassassin running really well. It's catching most of my spam, and I've had a handful of false positives, which contained a load of strange data anyway.


Oh and for minor amusement LJ threw up this in it's spellcheck
"spamassassin : spam assassin, spam-assassin, spermatozoon, circumcising"

Spam, spam, spam, spam ..........

Well yesterday I got getwmail set up and so have started collecting mail from a account I haven't really used for about 3 years, but it's the one that my msn account refers to so people occasionally try and send legit mail to it. Even if I do only get it about a month too late....

But, as you can imagine, it's been around for 5 years it gets it's fair share of spam. So, partly because I was bored, I set up spamassassin. And I've noticed the strangest thing, when spam isn't coming directly to your mail box, and it's being dumped elsewhere, it becomes even less of an annoyance. In fact it's almost amusing to see how high a spam assassin score you can accumilate.

Hmm, I need to get out more. Oh well, heading back to Bath and some semblace of a social life again tomorrow, don't know when I'll be back online yet though :(