NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Happy new year and all that stuff,

Happy New Year people,

Yesterday I went to see LOTR:ROTK again, but with my Dad this time. The one that was mildly amusing was watching for some of the minor continuity errors that I read about... somewhere...

Then it was off to Bermondsey, to see Londoners, who I must've last seen almost two months ago... For an evening of mead, talking and random snack foods. The only downside of having gone to Bermondsey was the fact that it meant I didn't go to various other NYE dos.

Apparently a sweepstake is now beginning WRT which of my sixth form friends are going to get married first. Mainly brought about by Schlackman anouncing at the weekend that he's now engaged... it begins...

Many thanks to marnameow, and sbp for hosting the party last night, and for scrambled eggs this morning/afternoon. Not sure if being introduced to mead is a good thing or not, given how drinkable it is...

Thanks also to daneel_olivaw and ali_in_london for crash space, 'twas much appreciated. Strangest thing is last night was possibly the best nights sleep I've had in a while, as restedness goes. Maybe I should drink alcohol before going to sleep more often...

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