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Since coming back to Cambridge I've not really been up to much, still poking around with the BTS website, it's slowly getting there, I probably ought to try and find some gallery modules, since people keep trying to access the gallery I've not built yet.

Thursday my sister gave me a lift into town and we got most of our Christmas shopping done. I bumped into one of my friends from sixth form and we went and had a pub lunch, and caught up on life.

Yesterday was slightly more interesting. I was running a couple of quick scans of my computer to make sure it wasn't doing anything silly, and I discovered a housemate had picked up a virus, and was blatting out large quantities of pings, port 135 and http traffic, scanning the world in a nice orderly fashion, probably for all sorts of reasons. I ended up killing all traffic from their machine for most of the day, until they finally got Norton updated properly and dealt with the virus, pissing off Blueyonder by portscanning the world didn't seem like a good move, I just dread how long it's been doing that.....

I also went to see Return of the King, which is okay. Unfortunately I think having read and loved the book, the sheer quantity they've had no choice and left out I could never be truely happy with the film.

Got dragged into town again today for Christmas shopping with my parents.

I've been waking up at some really silly hours, this is becoming annoying, but on the plus side I've ended up listening to all sorts of stuff on BBC Radio 7. At this rate I'm going to be totally knacked before Christmas hits though....

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