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Well, that was a pleasant way to spend a weekend :)

On Friday I descended from Cambridge to London for BMovie, where I met shadow_jess, kitty_goth, julietk, daneel_olivaw, ali_in_london, mstevens, and others. Although a warm night, I had a good time, and met more London people. julietk was kind enough to provide crash space for the night.

Saturday I wandered from Mornington Cresent to Camden with daneel_olivaw, feanelwa and valkyriekaren before heading to Hampstead Heath for an afternoon spent doing very little in the company of ali_in_london, ksta, marnameow, sbp, uon, leunnammi. At somepoint we headed to a pub for a few drinks, where daneel_olivaw and valkyriekaren rejoined us. After which we moved on to Piza Express for food. Then daneel_alivaw, marnameow, sbp, and my self then headed back to the house of kittens, where we spent a quiet evening drinking pims and vodka on the balcony until the wee hours.

Sunday, was hot and didn't start until about 2 in the afternoon, when we headed off for a pub lunch, and a wander round Tesco. daneel_olivaw left somewhere around 7, and the rest of the day was spent doing very little.

I finally got back this afternoon, after a slow train journey due to "signaling irregularities".

All in all this was a most enjoyable weekend. Thank you marnameow and sbp for the crash space the last two nights. And thank you to all the random London people who've adopted me into your group of friends.

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