NSLM (nslm) wrote,


It's 10 o'Clock I feel knackered.

I've spent the majority of today poking at the backstage website (http://test.bts-crew.com), I've now got most of the content management stuff online.

The scary thing is that this is the first time I've written OO perl, and it's going remarkably smoothly. Still got to sort the privs system out for the behind the scenes stuff (membership area). I suppose the next thing to do is actually enable logging in to the site.

Unfortunatly those 2000 lines of code, mean that I've done sod all coursework/project work this weekend. This is beginning to worry me, since the coursework is due in a week on Wednesday, and I'm not sure I entirely understand the stuff I'm supposed to be doing: it's accounting and finance stuff.

Thinking about the whole, I graduate in 6 months thing, and wondering how I'm going to get a job I enjoy, since I have no FORMAL qualifications in the stuff I'm best at, every job is going to want either a CS degree, or experience. I don't have the CS degree, and the experience is generally nothing to brag about. I have experience with various server type stuff, experience with perl and C, none of which are in a "comercial" environment. Aparently the people who know me think I'm good at what I do, but will this really make a difference in 6 months time?

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