NSLM (nslm) wrote,


A month or so back I was supposed to be going on a Red Hat training course in London (RHS429) unfortunately this got cancelled as only 2 people had registered.  (They need 4 to make it financially viable)

I was then booked onto the next one, in Farnborough this time, which was supposed to be next week.  Didn't get the cancellation notice because of a balls up.  But also didn't get a confirmation message.  So I contacted the reseller (Kelway) to check what's going on, they then chase it up for me and very apologetically get back to me and tell me that it's been cancelled because again there's only two people registered, but they'll see what they can do since this wasn't the first time they'd cancelled this course, and I wasn't available for the June course.

So yesterday they ring me back, they're going to run the course after all, with just one candidate, me!  The person from Kelway even rang round the various hotels in Farnborough to see what the best deal they could get for me was.

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