NSLM (nslm) wrote,


Went fireworking again at the (extended) weekend.


The "Bath International Music Festival" wanted to put on a display for the residents of Bath, so having hired Northern Lights (The company I work with) I got roped in to help. We spent most of Friday setting up, got Alexandra park closed for the evening, covered the bowling green in plastic, and at about 10.30 we blew up approximately 1000 shells (and a few cakes) in a little over 4 minutes. The cheer coming from town, with no football or ruby games going on, would suggest we were rather popular. The down side being, I saw all of about 3 fireworks in the sky: I was calling the timings for the show.

Amusingly someone set of a much smaller, but still professional, display just after ours. We felt a little sorry for them as we must have stolen most of their thunder. We finally got away just gone midnight, when Steve reappeared dripping wet. He'd gone to remove the plastic from the bowling green and, rather than coming on at 2am as they were supposed to, the sprinklers came on at midnight, soaking poor Steve.


We started Saturday with a controlled disposal of the spent explosive material (read "a small bonfire") from Friday and a couple of smaller recent shows. We then fused a show for that evening. I got to fire that one, and watch it as there were no timings for it. We fired at about 10.15, and were cleared up by 11. Unfortunately, while driving out of the field Steve's car decided it was going to release a lot of steam. So we waited for the engine to cool down, refiled the radiator expecting to see the leak and with no leak forthcoming went and had a drink expecting to come back and find an empty radiator. However, the radiator was still full. So, now gone midnight, we left the site and spent the drive home waiting for more plumes of steam, which didn't seem to come.

Sunday and Monday:

Not much else happened, got drenched cycling to Trowbridge and back on Monday, picking up a few boating essentials, and watched DVDs.

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