NSLM (nslm) wrote,


I got to sound engineer some more jazz again, yay!

Claire Teal, who was on Parkinson on Saturday (For reference please note that this is recorded on Thursdays), was in the Arts Theater on Saturday. The silliest thing was, that on the rider, they asked for 4 ways of monitor mixing, and for the drum kit, they wanted two overhead mics and a kick mic. When they finally all got there (Some of them were coming from somewhere in Wales that I can neither pronounce, or spell) they only wanted monitors for Claire (1 mix not 4 seperate ones all for her ;), and a single mic on the drums. There were also sax, piano, double bass, vocal and guitar mics, so I still had something to do for front of house. Nice and quick de-rig.

Have still yet to shake this rotten cold, or get very far with project work. Oh and the screen and back-light on my laptop appear to be fscked, it's being picked up for repair on Wednesday.

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